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Gold carved lacquer art exhibition

From:Brand Promotion Dept.  Time:2014.11.01

  On November 1st, Gold carved lacquerware screen "Hai Wu Tian Chou "exhibition , hosted jointly by Beijing Arts and Crafts Industry Association, Gold Carved Lacquerware Group of Beijing Arts and Crafts industrial Group and Beijing TianBaolou Cultural Brokerage Co., Led. , Undertook by Beijing Gold Lacquer Inlaid Co., Ltd and Eight Palace Handicrafts of Beijing Culture Development Co.,Ltd. gave it grand opening in Beijing TianBaolou Cultural Brokerage Co., Led.. This lacquerware is created by master Li Zhi gang and master Bai De yuan.   

The national non-material cultural heritage heir, the chairman of
Beijing Gold Lacquer Inlaid Co., LtdBai De yuan delivered the opening speech

The general manager of Beijing Gold Lacquer Inlaid Co., Ltd, BaiQun hosted the activity.

The opening ceremony site of Gold lacquer carved lacquerware art exhibition.

  The gold carved lacquerware large screen "Hai Wu Tian Chou " ,created by master Li Zhigang andthe national non-material cultural heritage heir , the fifth generation disciple of the Imperial Palace’s workshop of Qing Dynasty Mr Bai Deyuan made it debut.

The large screen “Hai Wu Tian Chou” was unveiled by leader
participants Wei Lianwei, Li Jinhua, Zhang Jihong and Bai Deyuan.

The royal gold carved lacquerware screen: Hai Wu Tian Chou

Leaders and guests were appreciating the large screen: Hai Wu Tian Chou

The leaders were visiting the site of activity

The manager of Beijing Arts and Crafts Group announced the opening.

The guests were appreciating and shopping master works

  This activity will continue to the end of this year, and it’s free for the public to visit. The chairman of our company Bai Deyuan, and the general manager BaiQun invites people of all circles to come and enjoy master works.



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