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  Palace Royal Lacquer Treasures of Qing Dynasty is a colle-ction of Beijing Gold Lacquer Inlaid Co., Ltd. including 6 pieces of weighing impe-rial lacquerware as “Birthday Scroll with Dragon Pattern and Poem Presented by Emperor”, “Throne Sketching Gold Lacquer and Dragon Pattern”, “Five Fans Screen Carving and Filling with Dragon Pattern”. The red lacquer brocade and dragons pattern adopts traditional sketching and covering lacquer, drawing, carving and filling, searching gold, filling gold etc. techniques. The picture is structured and in order, static and dynamic coordinated, delicate and vivid, beautifully crafted, clear and smooth lines, bearing huge, filling majesty.
  The entire collection after hundreds of years of baptism and still preserved well, with artistically vigorous, and rich, and highlighting the magnificent, atmospheric grace of royal style, which is a rare rarity, and a model of palace art style of Qing dynasty for China.
Outline in Gold Dragon Screen
Carving and Filling Cloud-Dragon Inkstone Screen
Carving and Filling Screen with Poem
Carving and Filling Dragon Screen
  Large three-dimensional inlaid "Nine-Dragon Wall" was founded in 1989. It has been ranked as the national treasure in the third Chinese Industry Arts and Crafts “Hundred Flowers Award” organized by Ministry of Light Industry. Many well-known experts and scholars like Wang Shixiang, Shen Fuwen, Zhu Jiajin, Yang Boda given a high evaluation on this classic work, and called it as “unprecedented work”.
  The "Nine-Dragon Wall" is 7m long, 0.76m wide and 3m high, weighing two tons. It’s a costly work produced by more than 60 technicians using one year, which perfectly reproduced the charm of famous North Sea Nine-Dragon Wall. 602 lifelike dragons with 18 beaulieus in both front and back sides seem ready to come out, colored, dazzling and majestic. Pearls, rocks, ocean billows, walls and eaves add radiance and beauty to each other. The process is unique. It adopts traditional carving and filling gold skills, with smooth lines, structured and regular, resplendent and magnificent.
  The work gathered a variety of decorative techniques of gold lacquer inlay, and integrating soft and hard jade from each place of China into one, and clever use of color of materials like bone, coin, horn, wood and metal etc., making it an unprecedented art treasure in the history of Chinese arts and crafts.
Large three-dimensional inlaid "Nine-Dragon Wall"
  "Light of China", a large, ancient Chinese legend wood carving, is one of the "treasures of the town factory" of Beijing Gold Lacquer Inlaid Co., Ltd.. The collection is made of senior oak material, and divided into 87 pieces, about three square meters per piece. Demonstrated dozens of popular myths and folk legends in series such as, Great Creation of Pangu, Nu Wa Mending Sky, Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, Chang’e Flying to Moon, Jingwei Filling Sea etc.. Among them, some legends about Yan and Huang emperors were carved on two square pillars, surrounded by sculptures, not only harmony with the overall, but also have unique style. In the composition of pictures, the entire collection has imaginative and romantic style, with prominent theme, rational layout, and vivid figures. In relief, it has shape, full and smooth lines, bold and unconstrained angular, showing vigorous style in the delicate and fine parts, and revealing handsome, tall and straight through mellow and beautiful. This large scale collection is magnificent and rare in the world, which is very valuable.
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