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Beijing Gold Lacquer Inlaid Co., Ltd gave a
lecture about intangible cultural heritage to students

From:Brand Promotion Dept.  Time:2014.10.15

  In order to create a good social environment for the inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage, lots of intangible cultural heritage protection regulations and policies issued recently, and the classes about intangible cultural heritage have been carried out one by one in the country.
  On October 14th, the high school teachers and students of grade 1 and grade 2 from the fifth middle school of Beijing came to Gold Lacquer Inlaid Co., Ltd for experiencing and visiting. Mr Bai Deyuan, the chairman of our company, the national representative heir, the first level arts and crafts master gave a warm welcome and a detail interpretation.   

 Master Bai Deyuan was give a brief introduction about
intangible cultural heritage to teachers and students

  For giving an excellent class about the intangible cultural heritage , master Bai Deyuan arranged this activity carefully . Firstly, in order to make students know Chinese traditional lacquer art and Beijing culture well, the 7000 years old civilization about lacquer art 、the Inlaid gold lacquer art and the development of our company have been introduced. Secondly, Master Bai Deyuan lead teachers and students to visit the royal style lacquerwares, the art collections and the furnitures made of sandalwood、rosewood etc. This activity gave a chance to students to enjoy the charm of intangible cultural heritage closely. During visiting, master Bai Deyuan interacted with students patiently and kindly, so students showed their great interest in the intangible cultural heritage.

Master Bai Deyuan was leading all the teachers
and students to visit the laquerware exhibition

Teachers and students were visiting top grade red sandalwood furnitures

  At last, master Bai Deyuan said:”I feel so happy that students are interested in our national culture”, and he encouraged students to study the intangible cultural heritage with heart, so they can make a big contribution for inheriting our intangible cultural heritage and making China dream come true.

The photo of all visitors and our chairman



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