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          The splendid intangible cultural enhance
           the friendship between Australia and us

From:Brand Promotion Dept.  Time:2014.8.11.

  In the afternoon of August 11th, an Australian aboriginal affairs delegation was invited to visit my company.
  The delegation included some Australia officials and scholars who were focusing on communicating about Chinese minorities, economic and social development in minority areas. Some officials from the State Ethnic Affairs Commission International Exchange Division, Beijing Municipal Commission, and overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Dongcheng District accompanied the delegation. The chairman of our company, the representative heir of intangible cultural heritage , Mr Bai Deyuan gave the delegation a warm reception and explanation.   

The spot of forum

  In order to make the "Australian Aboriginal Affairs Group" members have a good understanding of Chinese national culture and art, the two parties gave a brief discussion firstly. Beijing gold inlaid lacquer Co. Ltd is a national products producer and it is an important window to show Chinese traditional national culture. Our products include many ethnic furnitures、crafts and arts. The variety、colorful patterns and and high skill show the charm of our minority culture. Mr Bai Deyuan said, China is a unified multinational country, and each minority has developed their unique cultures and customs in the long term development. These cultures and customs have rich notion and scientific value.

Chairman Bai Deyuan and a member of
 Australian aboriginal affairs group exchanged souvenirs

The chairman Bai Deyuan was introducing gold lacquerware

  After the forum, under the accompany of Mr. Bai Deyuan ,the Australian Aboriginal Affairs Group visited the royal lacquer art boutique exhibition. The guests were shocked and showed their great interest in gold lacquerware. Australian Sydney scholar said that he was deeply touched by the charm of Chinese culture after visiting these traditional lacquerware and furnitures.”

The photo of two parties

  Ethnic work has traditionally been a major problem to our country. So we always focus on realizing unity, building hometown and dealing the ethnic problem well. Minority furniture , as a shining pearl in Chinese national art culture, is an important part of Chinese intangible cultural heritage. It comes from the long-term practice of all groups of ethnic people, and it is closely related to the life of the masses. So it is an important part of human civilization.This cultural exchange can promote the minority work development between Australia and China and lay a good foundation for realizing Chinese dream.



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