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The rich oriental sentiment The legend of Chinese screen

From:Brand Promotion Dept.  Time:2014.07.03

  Chinese screen has a long history ,and "Wu Yuan" has a meaning of "YuZuoping" , so it has four thousands years history.
  On July 3rd, under the accompany of CCTV overseas communication center project director Wang Xi, the culture channel producer of Russia's state television Vladimir Mikhailovich and producer Yevgeny Petrovich came to our company for visiting Chinese screen. The chairman of Our company Mr Bai Deyuan gave a warm reception and explanation. According to his introduction, the screen has played an important role in indoor partition and interior decoration since its birth, and it has rich notion such as peace、stablilization etc. From the angle of material and art, the screen always has a good reputation、a long history, a rich connotation and the colorful characteristics.   

Mr Bai Deyuan was introducing gold lacquer screens to guests.

  According to the director of CCTV overseas communication center Wang Xi introduced, the new art studio staffs will have a two-week interview in China and they will focus on shooting some photos reacted the friendship between China and Russia.During the shoot, a maid map lacquerware which has the traditional Chinese culture characteristics was needed to be the opening documental material. Beijing gold inlaid lacquer Co., Ltd. Has a large collection this kind of products, so they came to our company for photographing.

The chairman Bai Deyuan and guests were enjoying the maid picture screen carefully.

  In the process of visiting and photographing, the working group selected mosaic screen "the four talented women".This screen consists 6 parts, adopts the theme “the four talented women”, has the four beautiful women’s images:Zhuo Wenjun, Cai Wenji, Li Qingzhao and Waner Shangguan. These four female figures have the typical characters of Chinese traditional women:beautiful,kind,peaceful.This screen Is one of the best products of my company.




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