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Beijing gold inlaid lacquer Co., Ltd. win
the opportunity of the Palace’s maintaince

From:Brand Promotion Dept.  Time:2014.06.27

 Beijing gold inlaid lacquer Co., Ltd. was built in 1956, so it has 60 years old history. It have taken part in the repairing the Imperial Palace for several times. Recently,it signed a contract with Dongcheng District government ahout repairing and protecting Imperial Palace. Our company participated in it actively and made a big contribution to the protection of The Imperial Palace.

The chairman of our company,Mr Bai Deyuan was observing the carriage needed repairing.

Bai Qun(the first one on the right side),
the manager of our company was instructing repairing work in the spot.

  The leaders of our company pay more attention on the project of "The peace of the Imperial Palace" , so a professional team was built under the leadership of manager Bai Qun. This team consists many masters such as Su Yongmao, Li Fuhe,Yao Yuzhen , Liu Zhenshan, Hou Xue and so on.

Master Hou Xue was repairing an antique.
He is filling the gap with environmental chemical substance.

  In the repairing studio, masters repair antiques carefully according to their rich experience 、the instructions of experts、the procedures and process for keeping the original of antiquities. All of these showed the high skill and high-quality work style.



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