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Carving and Filling 
  "Carving and Filling" full name as "color lacquer carving and filling". Because it is carved in the layer of lacquer, so the lacquer layer must thick. The base of carving and filling is colored drawing. The next step after colored drawing is sketching out shallow fine lines using a special knife, which know as “embroidery” or “carving”. By printing gold gum, it will filling with gold and silver power or color lacquers, called “Filling”. The drawing on the small parts such as petals and leaves, feathers of birds and hair of animals, and characters and landscapes is called as “tearing tendon”. The important points for carving and filling are that, first the depth and thickness of the line should be even and uniform; second, it should nature and smooth, does not collapse or crack; third, the knife should not inclined, that is if it can not carve the inside part of the line, it can not carve the outside; fourth, gold filled should be full, and the lacquer filled should be neat and tidy.
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