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Colored Painting 
  "Colored Drawing" or "Colored Painting", also known as "drawing lacquer" is generally using black, red, purple, yellow etc. colors as the picture of lacquerware body, and lacquers of various colors and gold and silver powder as paint pigment, the special produced brush as tool, carefully painted. By subdivided, it also divided into sketching lacquer, sketching gold, searching gold, flatting gold or has more than one feature. Plastering goldleaf on the body of lacquerware is called as “flatting gold”. There are two techniques drawing on the goldleaf: one is colored lacquer drawing, know as “Flatting gold and opening colors”; another is drawing by black lacquer, which know as “flatting gold and opening black”. “Pile-up ancient” is also belongs to colored drawing. Most of the “Pile-up ancient” are pile-up lacquer, and some of them are pile-up plastic. The scene piled up by lacquers or plastics has strong hierarchy and 3D sense. If through clearing and painting cover, it will more luster bright and rich texture, which called “cover lacquer” .
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