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  "Inlaid" is also known as "flower inlaid". The selection of materials for the inlaid is based on the content and location, mainly using various natural hard and soft jade such as, Shoushan stone, Qingtian stone, Balin stone, Haicheng green stone, Hongtian stone, ginger yellow stone, green steatite, soup stone, wood stone, jade, and other materials like mother-of-pearl inlay, vehicle drainage tin, abalone, horn, animal bones. Inlaid products are generally produced into figures, flowers, rocks, towers and other relief through collect, grinding, heap, shovel, engraving, carving and other techniques, and then inlaid into the body of lacquerware. The vision landscape, grass and other insects embellished in order to heighten the theme are mostly use drawing techniques of color drawing, search-for-gold, drawing gold outline. Products only using shells are called “shell inlaid”, and those using ivory, agate, jade, jasper, crystal, pearls, green gold, turquoise, tortoiseshell, coral, amber and other raw materials, known as the "treasure inlay". Relief inlay is called as “Flat Inlay”. By using techniques of high-relief, it will appearing 3D effects upon the relief, which know as “correction inlay”, is a more consummate skill.
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